Best Small Dog Breeds That Will Fit Right in with Your

Brushing and grooming is an important piece of the puzzle to consider in the case of a dog that is fluffyWhether your dog is short-haired or long-haired, it’s essential to keep their coats healthy by regularly brushing, grooming and bathing in order to prevent shed. This is especially important for dogs with a fluffy coatSome grooming regimens can be done at home, while other breeds might require the assistance of a qualified groomerCertain breeds don’t shed even a little and are certainly easier than others to groom. They also have these fantastically soft dog breeds that proudly flaunt their long coats and cuddliness with ease.

Standard Poodle

The instantly-recognizable Standard Poodle ranks 7 out of 191 in AKC’s breed popularity list. While many associate Poodles for their poms that are stylish, beneath their coat is the well-muscled bodyThey have a allergy-free coat is prone to becoming matted if not brushed frequentlyThe AKC’s standard of care for breeds suggests a regular brushing schedule to prevent knottingOnce a Poodle’s fur becomes matted near the roots, you’ll need to trim the dog to allow the growth to resume. Some pet owners trim and trim the coat themselves, but many head to the groomer approximately every four to six weeks. This breed is excellent for people who are suffering having dog allergies due to its infrequent sheddingA variety of different designs and hairstyles allows this Poodle to be one of a kind, the breed is known for its intelligence , and its ability to master quickly.

Old English Sheepdog

Eric Isselée –

While this breed may appear to Dog Breeds appear to be large, it’s actually not only a furThis breed could the size of between 60 and 100 pounds, creating an impressive statureold English Sheepdogs (OES) are characterized by a face covered by fur, with an all-round shaggy coat. It’s no secret that the coat of the breed draws a lot of owners, but make sure that you’re well-prepared for maintenance. OES require grooming to the skin, as they’re double-coated. It is suggested that OES are groomed weekly or groomed at least once a month. In addition, this breed benefit from trimming their nails frequently to prevent any knots from the coat. Old English Sheepdogs present very well when in the show ring, as they are able to walk with a powerful walk and a friendly personality. The AKC registered its very first OES in 1888. Then in 1914 the breed was admitted to the Westminster Kennel Club for the first time.


The Keeshond (Keeshonden whenever plural) descends from the same breeding stock as breeds such as those of the Pomeranian and Samoyed. Keeshonden are fox-like in appearance and come from Holland and have a long history as a symbol for Dutch pride and patriotismAlthough this breed requires regular grooming, a brushing every week can be a huge help in preventing excess sheddingIt’s essential that Keeshonden are bathed and blow-dried regularly, at least every four to six weeks. The coat that a Keeshond wears is extremely thick around the neck, similar to that of a lion, and the coat looks like trousers on their hind and rump legs.


The Collie is most well-known due to the popularity that was Lassie as a pop-culture star. Their coats are available in a variety of hues like white and sable tricolor, blue merle, or white. When they’re trained, Collies learn quickly and easily. When they are grooming Collies it is important to have variety. Smooth Collies aren’t prone to mating but they require regular grooming due to the double coat they have. Rough Collies are susceptible to matting particularly around their ears and in their undercoatWeekly brushings eliminate shedding problems in both rough and smooth Collies however Females (if spayed) have a large shed each year. males shed at the time of their birthday.

Bichon Frise

At under a foot, Bichon Frise are Rescue Dogs among the most popular “personality” breeds. They get along well with children and can be found with other dogsThis breed is sought-after by those suffering from allergies due to their frequent shedAll the hair Bichons shed lies under their undercoatIt’s crucial that this region gets regularly brushed to prevent matting. Nails should be cleaned frequently as well. The Bichons have common ancestors with Barbet, and once fought to keep their role in the circusBecause of their warm and friendly personality, Bichons are great showbiz dogs.

Chow Chow

Originating from ancient China, Chow Chows stand high at a around 20 inches. Known for their recognizable lion mane, they can have smooth and rough coats. The coat colors are red, cinnamon, black and cream-colored. Some owners mention the fact that Chow Chows do not require any exercise, and are very well-behavedThough they don’t require a amount of exercise, they will require regular grooming. Chows have a double coat and some owners brush their coat at least once a weekBecause their coats are close to their eyes as well as their ears and eyes, they require attention with every grooming. If not groomed once a months, coats could get matted, and their undercoat could become full of knots. The AKC suggests using a cool air dryer following bathing.


It is believed that the Samoyed (Sammy) was originally designed to work with locals in some of the coldest regionsFor instance, in the Siberian town of Oymyakon temperatures can rise to 60 degrees. However, Samoyeds have a coat that can easily withstand these conditions. The famous “Sammy Smile” keeps the breed from drooling as well as getting icicles in its face in the course of workingThe breed is designed to endure brutal and bone-chilling temperatures, Samoyeds have a long, fluffy outer coat that is complemented by an undercoat that is woolyThis breed sheds all of the time, but it sheds more during the time of shedding, that can occur either at least once or twice a yearBrushing this breed daily will help prevent matting, dirt, dust, and other issues from raging on the outer, longer coat.


One of the most sought-after Toy Group breeds, Pomeranians have the most fluffy coats and a the fox-like smile. With a weight of less than seven pounds. The breed knows how to dominate a room. The tiny, yet powerful dog wears a double coat and frill over the chest. The extra-fluffy coat is available in at least two dozen shades, but the most common colors are red and orangeThe double coat requires frequent brushing to keep its shine and fluffyIt’s recommended to use a pin brush to apply pressure to the skin, every week, to prevent matting. Alongside frequent brushing sessions, it’s essential to watch a Pomeranian’s teeth and perform periodic dental cleans.

Siberian Husky

The fiercely-coated Siberian Husky is an sled dog Bloodhound designed to work in groups when pulling sleds across frozen tundra. They’re quick and seem to smile wryly. They might only require a few baths a year, but like all breeds, regular brushing will help to prevent excessive shed. Siberian Huskies have a fluffy double coat that is made of an undercoat as well as an outer layer of protection. The coat’s undercoat experiences two massive sheds every year and owners should utilize a comb to rake out hairs that have been shed, and allow for the growth of new hair.

American Eskimo Dog

This breed is recognizable for its fluffy white coat. American Eskimo Dogs (Eskies) are extremely intelligent and may develop problems with social interaction should they not be given a job or cared for appropriately. Their lion-like hair around their shoulders and necks makes them one of the more fluffy breeds. Though Eskies have a white double coat, it’s renowned for its ease of maintenance. Eskies shed frequently, but with regular brushing, usually two or three times a week, shedding can be prevented. Eskies have a particular oil inside their coats that stops dirt and other debris from sticking to their coat and becoming matted. It’s also easy for a brush to get rid ofIt is important to remember the fact that washing an Eskie more often than every few months can leave your skin dry. It will cause irritation.

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