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What are thetopVPN Services in 2018?(2021)There aremanyVPNservicesout there.There areover1000choices, which includesboth paid and freeservices.Each of them hasseveralof the samefeatures, andlook and sound similar. Theypromiseto keepyou online anonymousandsecure.What are thetopVPNsfor you?Wementionedthat there area lot ofVPNson the market.There aremanyVPN reviews.Itis difficulttodistinguishfact fromfictionwithso manyoptions.That’s why the team hereat TheBestVPN.comcompiledthislistingof thetopVPN servicesavailable and all of them arebacked by our provenreviewprocedure.Over70 VPN services have beenevaluated and testedby us.Each reviewprovidesbackground informationregardingthe VPN andan in-depthlook atits features, speed test and a listing ofpros and con points.These areamong themostimportantVPNfactorswe’veto compare:Download speedPrivacy and securityfeatures, or flawsJurisdictionLogging policyTorrentingNetflix availabilityUsabilitySupportCostIt is possible tofindmoredetailswithinourcomprehensivereviewprocedure.TopVPN Service ProvidersBelow is a listof thetop 10VPNservices.Whatis it that makeswhat makes aVPNexcellent?Itdoesn’tkeep trackof yoursession.This includes yourvisits to websitesas well asthefilesyou download.Theyhave to maskyourconnectionswithout costinganarm andleg.Theymustalso be ableoffermultiple servers with norestrictions in differentcountries.Thisallowsusersto stream Netflix content or torrentwithease.You’ll be ableto answerthese questionsattheend ofthebook:Which VPN is the most secure?Which is the most efficientVPN?What is themost affordableVPN?What is thebestVPN?Which VPN isthe best?Each sectionis linkedthatwillleadyou toan extensiveanddetailedVPN review.Now let’s get started, and highlight the topVPN servicesacross the globe.1.NordVPN- TheBest”All Around VPN” ($3.29/mo).Ranks #1 outof 78 VPNsNordVPN.comNordVPN Pros:+ Fast server (5,656)+ torrenting/P2Pallowed+UsesNetflix+ Strict no logging policy+Simpleto use VPNapplications+ Double data encryption+ NoDNS/IPleaks NordVPN ConsDiscountsare only availableforlong-termsubscriptionsCompatible withNordVPN isoftenmentioned when thetopicof thebestVPNsin the worldisbrought up.NordVPN isknownbymany as thebestall-around vpn providerWhilemany servicesconcentrate on a singlefeature(whetherspeed, security anonymity, speed, number of servers,etc.), NordVPNmanages to check every boxthat wecan think of.Privacy at NordVPNNordVPNisdescribed asthe safest and mostprivatesolutionswe’ve evercome across.It’sbasedin Panama.Thecountry isn’ta memberof anyglobalcollaborations for sharing data.NordVPNis not requiredtoretain any informationyou provide.Thelaw waspassedin Panama.Why is this important?Sincecertainnations have privacy laws whichareagainst the goalofaVPN.Every VPN willclaimthat they don’tstorerecords or vpnHowever, if they’rein anationwith laws thatrequire it, they don’thavea choice.NordVPNprovidesa”Double VPN” service thattakestwo servers andblendstheminto one.Thisdoubles the encryptionandcreates a highlysecure connection.There’salsoanVPN kill switchthat willmake sure thatshouldthere be aleak bedetectedinyourbrowsing session you’ll be immediatelyalerted andremoved from the network.IP leaks arevery rare.WetestedNordVPN forIP/DNS/WebRTC leaksand foundabsolutelynothing.The service was as secureasit haseverbeen.It alsouseshigh-end encryption that protectsyourinternet connection.ForVPN protocols, you can chooseIPsec or OpenVPN.NordVPN FeaturesNordVPNboasts an impressiveservernetwork. This iscrucialwhenchoosingthe vpn provider 2022There areover5,600 serversin60 countries.That meansno matter where you arein the world, you will finda functioningVPN serverin your area.You can also find specialtyserverssuch asdouble encrypted, dedicatedservers, Tor servers, Tor servers, and P2P servers.NordVPNworks on devices forboth Windows and MacOS, includingmobile phones.A single account is ablefor connectingat leastsix devicessimultaneously.It is also possible tomake use ofNordVPNfor connectingtoarouter.Thisallows you toprotectevery devicethat are connected to theWiFisignalsimultaneously. Itonly counts asone connection.NordVPN TorrentingandNetflixCertain servers allowtorrentingandP2P connection.Use the server recommendation functiontofind quicklythe bestP2P host.It willimmediatelyprovide you with a suggestionbased on your needs.NordVPNisourbest torrenting VPNbecause of its outstandingsecurity features.One ofthemis the reroutingfeaturewhich automatically redirectsyouto serversinCanadaandthe Netherlandsifyour connectionto aserver that is not a torrenting oneisanP2P connection.NordVPN PricingNordVPNprovides threeplans. Thecostof each planvaries dependingon thetime commitmentyousign up for.The first option isthemonth to monthplan.Itis the mostexpensiveplanat$11.95per month.Youcan also opt fora 1-year commitment planthatwillsave you58 percentandcost$4.92 permonth, andallin one lumpsum.Lastbutnotlast Thetwo-year plancosts$3.29/month and has savings of 72%.Thetotalcostof the two-year planhas to bepayableupfront.In terms ofpayment options, NordVPN takes all major credit cards and paymentoptions.You can pay withcryptocurrency.

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