can pregnant women eat maggi

Maggi During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Most of us can recall the huge scandal Maggi was involved in a few years in the past. The food safety department was forced to pull it off the shelves for months before Maggi could prove that it was in compliance with all safety requirements and could be consumed by children as well as adults. But is eating Maggi during pregnancy considered safe? Are there any risks? Let’s look into it in greater detail.

  • can pregnant women eat maggi?
  • Does Maggi Masala Contain Ajinomoto?
  • Maggi During Pregnancy: Harmful Ingredients
  • Side Effects of Eating Maggi During Pregnancy
  • FAQ’s

Is maggi good for health to Consume?

It is true that pregnant women can consume almost everything a non-pregnant woman eats, including Maggi. However, you must limit the quantity and frequency of consuming Maggi while pregnant.

Does Maggi Masala Contain Ajinomoto?

Its flavor enhancer (masala) packet included with Maggi is packed with MSG – a taste enhancer. The Japanese term for this specific product is Ajinomoto.

Maggi During Pregnancy: Harmful Ingredients

When you are considering the safety of food items for pregnant women, it is important to study thoroughly and know the various ingredients used to make it. While many ingredients may seem harmless, some may be risky, especially if you have Maggi during pregnancy.

Here are a few common ingredients that are used in the making of noodles. Let’s dig deeper into each of these ingredients in order to discover if they’re suitable or unsafe for pregnant women:

1. Maida

Refined the flour (maida) is completely stripped of its nutritional value when it is refined through the process. Consuming large amounts or regular consumption of this flour adds no value. Maida takes more time for digestion when compared with other flours commonly used. While it is possible to eat food made of maida when pregnant, it’s not advised. It could cause digestive problems and also cause you to gain weight from all those empty calories. This is the reason Maggi during pregnancy might not be suitable for you.

2. Salt

Salt has an impact directly in the BP of an individual. The pregnancy can cause drastic changes within BP and many women are suffering due to high blood pressure (high BP) during pregnancy. Instant noodles and flavoring agents are rich in salt. This makes noodles an unhealthy choice of food choices during pregnancy.

3. Preservatives

All packaged foods contain high levels of preservatives that extend their shelf lives. These preservatives are not very safe to consume during pregnancy. It’s not just bad for pregnant women’s health but it can also affect the health of the baby if consumed frequently.

4. MSG

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is used in many food items to enhance the taste and make food more enjoyable. MSG is made by natural fermentation processes , similar to beer, vinegar, and so on. It’s not just in Maggi noodles but can be included in many other food items like soya sauce, dips, premixed gravies, salad dressings, as well as seasoned salt , to name a few.

While it is a requirement for these food manufacturers to mention MSG in their ingredient list, MSG is not unsafe. It can easily be used up within the body. Packaged or instant noodles have significant amounts of sodium which is why they are not suitable for consumption on a regular basis by pregnant women.

Side Effects of Eating Maggi During Pregnancy

Maggi has not been clinically proven to be a safe food during pregnancy. Laboratory tests conducted by the manufacturers show Maggi when pregnant is perfectly safe. But, here are a few negative effects to be on the lookout for if your craving for Maggi during pregnancy:

1. Weight Gain due to Maggi During Pregnancy

The high content of sodium and maida may lead to weight gain particularly for pregnant women who are already on the weight-loss journey.

2. Hypertension

The high levels of salt and sodium can increase your BP levels of pregnant woman.Click here to find out more on hypertension during pregnancy.

3. Heart Burns

The spices contained in the packets of tastemaker, that are the true essence of Maggi may cause stomach acid and heartburn in a pregnant woman.

4. High cholesterol as a result of eating Maggi While Pregnant

Packaged foods such as Maggie have a high percentage of trans fats. Continued consumption of foods high in trans fats can cause your cholesterol levels to climb to the extremes – particularly during the pregnancy!

5. Breathlessness

The chemical used in preservatives is extremely hazardous for not just the mother but also for the baby in the long run. Click here to read more about breathlessness during pregnancy.

Maggi became the most loved instant noodles in India. It was a comfort food for everyone, old and young alike. The controversy in which Maggi was accused of having high levels of lead caused many people to stay clear of eating Maggi for good. However, if Maggi is your pregnancy craving take it and indulge in. There’s no harm in eating a few Maggi every once an interval. But make sure to pay attention to the quantity as well as the time you consume it (just before bed is not recommended).


1. Does Maggi Increase Weight During Pregnancy?

A: It can add to the weight of pregnant women due to the high amounts of sodium and salt that are present in it.

2. Can Maggi cause Heartburn During Pregnancy?

A One: The noodles will not cause any heartburns as they are plain and tasteless. It is the tastemaker that triggers all the above-mentioned problems. The ingredients in them can make it indigestible for pregnant women, resulting in href=””>constipation and other digestive issues.

3. Can Maggi Affect the Unborn Child?

A: Maggi is a food that contains MSG and TBHQ, which when consumed in large quantities during the course of pregnancy, may affect the unborn baby.

Disadvantages of maggi noodles Is Maggi being fattening?

1) Maggi noodles contain Maida:

2.) Maggi noodles have many dangerous levels of sodium:

3) Maggi noodles contain Mono Sodium Glutamate:

4) Acidity caused by citric acid:

5) Instant Maggi noodles fail digestion system:

6) Maggi noodles are fritted:

7) Lead is found in Maggi noodles:

8) Instant Maggi noodles contain trans fats:

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