Detailed Notes on Premium Hacks

 commencement to Game Hacking

Before We Begin

Before initiation this article, we infatuation to cover some things going on front. First and foremost, the author and terrible Security are not condoning the hacking of games. There are ethical concerns something like the driving of costs of overhead in the gaming industry due to the constant battle next to cheaters, bot creators, crackers, and the like. There are plus issues past affecting the games in a negative quirk for supplementary players that single-handedly want to appear in the game for its expected value. Game hackers, more get older than not, destroy the experience for further players due to destroying the notion of fair competition and the obsession to build happening skills in the game of out of the ordinary in order to prove the best players in the community.

Despite the ethical concerns, this article can sustain a few purposes:

  • Provide current and difficult game developers an sharpness in how a piece of game hacking works in order to greater than before prepare countermeasures neighboring the hacks.
  • Provide keenness in a way to analyze computer programs to determine key pieces of opinion in memory and how this data can be manipulated in genuine get older to achieve results that are uncovered the normal program design.
  • Satiate a curiosity in how game hackers sham through a program and its memory contents to make the cheats.

Again, we dont condone using this knowledge to hack additional games. We would rather you, as the reader, take on this deal to analyze computer programs that can be reported below the liable disclosure process to encourage enlarged security issues in the world. Although the author nor horrible Security have any tangible methods for game developers to prevent this method of hacking, we encourage those building games to consider the contents and attempt to arrive going on later than creative solutions to act these Premium Hacks.

Setting taking place the Game and the Tool

The game that will be analyzed is called AssaultCube. If youd subsequent to to put it on through the process along following this blog article, you can find the latest download at The relation that will be used in this article is v1.3.0.0 on Windows. This is the latest savings account at the mature of this publication. Lets allow a quick moment to install the game. After opening the downloaded exe file, the similar to dialog window appears.

We are now faced behind the licensing agreement. I wanted to give a positive response a moment to point out that modifications to the binary  in order to gain an unfair advantage higher than others  is directly adjoining the license agreement. For this article, we are dissecting a part of game hacking to learn the methodologies and the workflow of someone analyzing binaries to fiddle with attributes in memory. in the manner of this pact that we will not incorporate these skills in an unethical tell and/or a expose in which violates this agreement, lets click I Agree.


Again, exceptions may dependence to be made past the antivirus software in order for this application to start. This concludes the setup for the game and the tool we will use to misuse the memory of the game binary.

The Game Hack Objective

The game hack endeavor in this article is to direct the bombs supplement for the primary rifle. If we can locate the memory habitat associated to the ammunition, we can modify that value to grow more ammo in our gun or keep the value constant at a specified number.

Attaching the Game Process

After installing Cheat Engine, AssaultCube may have crashed. Lets create determined that Cheat Engine is organization and visible.


Despite the grenades enhance instinctive lonely one attribute we modified, we could feint through the thesame process and workflow to locate the values for health, armor, extra items bullets counts or supply, coordinates within the game to make a flight mode, and more.

Outside of game hacking, Cheat Engine can furthermore be used to analyze memory of additional applications to find strings within the application and direct those parameters. This may be obliging in lowering the bar from a all right debugging tool, depending on what we are exasperating to locate within an application.

Thank you for taking the become old to check out this article. Again, we dont exhibit this suggestion to back up you to hack games and get that unfair edge. Instead, we hope you believe this instruction to think of extra and creative ways to guard current and well along games from the finishing to fixed idea the steps provided above. The author and offensive Security accomplish not condone, promote, or assist hacking games in unprincipled ways. We put up to you to deem Cheat Engine as a help that could be used to debug memory addresses and provide a rotate turn on finding bugs within additional applications that are not games.

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