The history of Himalayan salt and its advantages

Himalayan salt

Himalayan pink salt is extracted from the seabed and although it is often referred to as a spice, it is actually a mineral. It is a very coarse natural salt that contains many minerals and trace elements. The pink crystals of this salt range in colour from white to pink to deep red. This is due to the high mineral and iron content.


Himalayan pink salt originated 250 million years ago during the Jurassic period. It occurs naturally in the Himalayan mountains and has been considered a valuable spice for many centuries.  The ancient seabed in these mountains, from which the salt is extracted, was once covered with lava. The lava formed a natural barrier that prevented the penetration of toxins and other impurities into the salt. Because of this natural protection, Himalayan pink salt is considered by many to be the purest salt in the world. The Himalayan people carried salt in yaks on their journeys over mountains, cliffs and rocky paths to trade this valuable product.

Today, Himalayan salt is mined in the salt mines of Pakistan, located at the foot of the Himalayas. It is mined by hand in the mines. Mining in the region is strictly regulated to maintain the purity of the product. The mines are huge, stretching almost half a kilometre into the mountains, with nearly 25 tunnels and 11 levels. This Himalayan salt is often called white gold.

Benefits of Himalayan salt

Salt has been used as an ingredient in food and medicine since ancient times. In addition to these benefits, Himalayan salt has many other benefits. Claims of the healing properties of this salt are becoming more popular every day. Here are some of the widely discussed benefits of rock salt.


Rock salt is composed of sodium and chlorine and artificially added iodine. It is also completely refined and processed before it reaches you. In contrast, Himalayan pink salt is good for your health. Because of its high 84 element content, it can also be a beneficial part of your diet. These elements include many trace elements that are important for your health.

Improves allergies and respiratory problems

Himalayan pink salt is said to be helpful for allergies and respiratory problems. It can also help relieve symptoms of asthma, eczema and other allergic diseases.


For health, energy and general well being

For electrolyte balance, regulating the body’s hydration and many other aspects of health, this rock salt can be very beneficial as a buffer. Taking small amounts of salt early in the morning is associated with better mineral levels and higher energy levels throughout the day.

It has been suggested that this is because the pink Himalayan salt crystals contain potential energy from the sun and earth that has been seeping in for billions of years.

Cooking uses

Pink salt is used for cooking and baking just like table salt. However, Himalayan pink salt has a higher mineral content than ordinary table salt. Top chefs consider it a true gourmet salt.

It adds an interesting pink colour and a different texture to food, which can add something special to dishes. This salt is ideal for grilling, cooking, baking and seasoning dishes.

Medicinal uses

Many people find Himalayan pink salt beneficial in the following ways

  • Controlling water balance in the body
  • Increasing sexual desire
  • Reducing sinusitis and related problems
  • Increasing bone strength
  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Reduces cramps
  • Promotes better and more restful sleep

Being a pioneer in the production and marketing of bath salts, Standardsalts supports the conviction that by giving our clients the greatest service, we can improve their quality of life. Because of this, we offer bath salts that are 100 percent pure, enhanced with 84 mineral traces, and mined directly in the Khewra mines.

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